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April 21, 2024 | 10:40PM

End Of Life

Kaizo trap end of life. Starting this project, I never expected to gain any traction. With insainly high hopes, and after 100 people subscribed, I (Cyber) decided that there would need to be some sort of "end" to the project, otherwise I would just work on this hobby for the rest of my life, and there are other projects, and things outside the computer that I need to do and work on. So thats when I determined that if I EVER hit 1000 subscribers on youtube, I would end the project. Unlike the updates of "when I get around to it", no this would be a hard "hit 1000, and it gets terminated IMMEDIATELY".yes, markipliers Unus Annus channel had a big impact on my decision on this. What will become of kaizo trap? well, the "project" of project kaizo trap is over, but that doesnt mean its the end. I currently am planning on some more levels, some major code cleanup, and even been experimenting with porting a version for Android. I have been working on a lot of other projects, and some really interesting ideas and game concepts. Its rather cliche` to say it, but yeah, subscribe to my other channel (still figuring out a better name) Club Cyberia channel to see what I am working on >>

I know what you might be thinking if you seen the channel ending video (ready for the shameless plug? promise thats not all of what this is for) on my new channel.  "but you deleted everything?" yes, i did delete everything, that was more putting a end to it all, showing that its all over. I am not entirely insane, i backed up all the project files onto a external harddrive. i backup all projects there.. well, most. thats why the "kaizo 2" beta project died, because i was clearing some space, and 'assumed' i backed it up. oops. as for the videos I created, I started to post some of the early videos on my 2ond channel (okay, just going to call it my main, cause, well, obviously....). do expect a "throwback" of me posting more. all the videos (except for some of the crappy ones i could care less about) are saved. 

for those who have downloaded the latest release, and looking for a "secret level select code" here, well here it is: 861000

It was truly an honor to meet, and get to be good friends with Guy Collins, and him spending all hours of the night answering my weird "video to game, how should this work" questions, him helping me with getting the levels put together. Thanks EVER soooo much to Leslie Wai for letting me use the many versions of Paradigm. I know he is busy with life, but every bit of help he has given by letting me use his music, is ever much appreciated! And most important of all, thanks to YOU. without everyone who watched my videos, subscribed, gave me ideas, or just.. well.. anything, I could not have gotten anywhere. I know its said a lot everywhere, but its true! if nobody had any interest in seeing kaizo trap a game, this would have just ended as a thought experiment, some code cobbled together, and a long forgotten idea. 

so in closing this chapter, I will end by saying:

Don't be sad its over, be glad you were a part of it! Thanks for joining me on this incredible journey!

May 7 2022


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Nov 12 | 11 PM


Nov 13 | 9 AM


Kaizo 2.0. is now done, for the most part! (it's still a VERY unstable Alpha build and might have issues, so if you have any problems go to BugBag and report them) You can download and play it now at the downloads page!

13:29 | 22rd of August, 2020

Kaizo Trap 2.0, Coming Soon

13:11 | 13th of july 2020 | akira

Even more changes. FULL STEAM AHEAD!

but seriously, he has checked out the game project so far! How cool is that!

I have been working with him on some cool new things!

Reworking the Kaizo engine. again.

The engine was good, but I had made some critical mistakes. I am reworking the engine from the ground up. 

Come join discord, and come see the constant changes. (cause you know the videos are few and far between)

3:41 | 13th of july 2020 | cb64

KT is BACK! / Join Cyber in making a 3D engine!

Project: Kaizo Trap has been put on hold (sorry for not talking about it here), and actually has come back since in March, and Cyber is also, besides working on Kaizo, making a 3D Engine. And, he could use your help!

17:41 | 31st of march 2020 | akira

Kaizo Trap Source Code

Check it out: The Project Kaizo Trap source code has been released. Although of an old version (and not really updated all that much), it's there on the server for all of you to look at. This actually happened a while back, so sorry about reporting it only now.

UPDATE: Not outdated source code anymore. The link has replaced with a link to latest source code.

17:54 | 31st of march 2020 | akiraupdate on: 14:28 | 1st of april 2020 | akira

happy holidays

Happy Xmas. CB64 made a Happy Holidays image for the event.

16:32 | christ mas 2019 | akira

we now have  news page


22:42 | 12th of december 2019 |  akira



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